JVN is Living Like There’s “No Tomorrow” In New Single

Upcoming artist, JVN (feat. Ahlee3 ND MG Rock), releases “No Tomorrow,” a captivating anthem dedicated to loyalty and living it up.

With a smooth, mellow flow and an incredibly catchy beat, “No Tomorrow” is sure to encourage you to live like there’s no tomorrow, stay humble, and count your blessings. Throughout the song, the topic of loyalty arises multiple times, with lines like “… see my soldiers all steppin’, some [of] my dawgs they war ready,” “… and you can’t come around my dawgs, always kept the same gang,” and “Them niggas not yo’ dawgs, they is not your friends,” further showing just how important dedication to JVN’s team is to him. Overall, listening to JVN’s party anthem is a alluring way to remind yourself to live in the now and stay down for those you love, no matter what.

Check out “No Tomorrow” here!


Article written by CJ (@supergnarlycj)


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