Kiree3600 Is An Uprising Underground Artist With Something To Prove

An uprising artist from Suffolk, Virginia, Kiree 3600 is making huge strides to becoming a breakout underground name.

Kiree discovered his passion for music at a very early age, “I would rap with my uncle when I was around the age of 5 but I was actually rhyming and making sense, something which most would probably view as abnormal for a kid so young.” He shares with us that he is heavily influenced by Future, “Not much of the toxic side though.”, the artist jokingly adds.

Although when performing, Kiree definitely knows how to turn a crowd up (he has done so several times at BHC shows) , Kiree describes himself as an introvert. “The hardest thing I had to overcome being a creator musically is learning to record in bigger studios, I’m more of an introvert at my core so recording at my in-home studio usually is my preference because I like to be in my own space.” As far as accomplishments, this young artist certainly has many from racking up thousands of streams on Soundcloud to the recent release of his new project “Blockstarr”. However, Kiree feels as though his biggest accomplishment thus far is his consistency. “I’m not just a one and done artist or an artist that just puts anything out… I’m here for the long-run and I’m going to continue proving that point”, he states. His newest project “Blockstarrr” released on January 6th. Kiree shares with us that the project definitely has some bangers and that fans can expect him to crank out another 2-3 (or maybe 4) projects this year. “I’m really just on go-mode right now so we’ll see”, Kiree shares.

By listening to his music, anyone can tell that Kiree is certainly a standout artist and he prides himself on that versatility as well as his originality. “I have a song for every emotion”, Kiree states “and it’s not forced it still sounds good and natural. In my opinion, most rappers burn out their sound because they can’t switch it up and when they can’t switch it up they try to force a sound or duplicate another rapper sound which doesn’t come off as natural to the listener. That’s not the case over here. Everything is original with me.” Kiree attributes much of his recent success with releasing music and growth as an artist to his recent collaboration with his creative team The Perfect Play. “They’ve really helped me overcome that “non-planning” issue because I was honestly blind to the problem at first but they’ve definitely instructed me on the importance of a real plan, having the end goal in mind and having structure. I hope that there’s an artist out there right now reading this, if you’re not structuring your craft and art you’re wasting your time.”

Kiree also shared a word of advice for other artists, ‘Just always follow your heart, nobody knows what you have to do but you so go make it happen, and stay original the whole time while doing it. Kiree is certainly an artist expected to make huge moves in 2021. His consistency, originality and dedication to his craft are sure to help him make strides. Check out his newest album “Blockstarr” here!


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