DJ Sweendawg and Mark Carson Deliver Mosh Pits and Mingling With The “Electric Maid Art Show”

As we passed the Electric Maid while we cruised the streets of D.C., we noticed the venues quaint size and comforting vibe. The place was obscure, yet inviting. Art from the SeshCollective (@seshcollectiv) and Dieglo (@dearestdieglo) decorated the walls and the stage as DJ Sweendawg (@djsweendawg) spinned a mix of music from an array of underground artists. The venue (which was empty 30 minutes ago) was now jam packed with performers, artists and underground culture enthusiasts who, just like us, had come to check out and support the talent.

As the event began, the energy was very high. Mark Carson (@itsmarkcarson), the host of the event (who donned a pair of dark shades the entire evening) readily greeted attendees as they entered the venue. Participants were extremely rowdy yet extraordinarily involved and interested in each performer who took the stage that night. Performers included Lil Xelly (@lilxelly), Texaco (@therealtexako), RewindRaps (@rewindraps) and Charlie Monroe (@itscharliemonroe) amongst others. As far as the 757 being represented, there was certainly no shortage of VA artists in the building. Shini Gang, AJ? (@ajquestionmark), ZaeK (@zaekta) and Bittersweet (@bitteraintshit) really set the tone as far as performances goes. The VA artists had the audience engaged 100% and gave some of the most high energy sets of the night.

All in all, the event was very successful. The show was a hub for DMV creatives where everyone who attended was able to see some dope art, experience engaging performances and network with other like minded creatives, making for an amazingly fulfilling and inspiring evening.


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