Smiff Gives A Lyrical Testimony in “To Whom It May Concern”

Recently Smiff has released his latest project “To Whom It May Concern”. The project gives a beautiful look into the struggles he has overcome in his life as a man and as an artist and features quality production by producers Darrell Banks, Mr Alexis, Pogue Brothers just to name a few.

The project is sort of a testimony of Smiffs life and tells very detailed stories of things he has been thru, dealt with and overcame. On the first track Smiff tells about where his mindset is currently due to the collective of events he has faced up to this point. On “These Three Words” Smiff gives a deeper look into the things he faced in his past. This track also features a dope, vibrant visual (Check it out at the link at the end of the article).

The project features a pretty dope lineup of features and production from artists Fitit and Rahim Malik and producers Mr Alexis, PDub, BobbyMadeTheBeat, Darrell Banks, Yung Tago & Galaxy, Blu Magic and Pogue Brothers.

With this project, Smiff gives great insight into his struggle and speaks for a lot of people who have dealt and do deal with these same issues. The project features storytelling similar to that of J. Cole that fans of lyricism are sure to enjoy. The vibrant storytelling makes the situations being discussed in the project very relatable and the lessons and message that you can overcome obstacles that are being promoted thru this project are something any listener can benefit from.

Follow Smiff on his IG @wordsmiff and Twitter @Smiff540 and Check out “To Whom It May Concern” here!


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