Chrissy’s Summer 2017 Concert Lookbook

Hi guys!

Summer is finally here and you know what that means! This season will bring countless concerts, showcases and music festivals meaning you will need something to wear to all of these events. In order to help you guys out, I’ve put together a collection of a few of my favorite looks this summer. These makeup looks, outfits, shoes and accessories I have chosen are all pretty much things that go along with my personal style but if your style is a little different from mine, feel free to tweak the looks to make it how you feel looks best. Lets get started!


Personally, I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, especially in the summer. When I go to parties or concerts there is literally no telling what I’m going to be doing. I dance, I mosh, I jump around and I do whatever else I’m in the mood for at the time. With that being said, I sweat a lot and because of this I like to keep my makeup fairly simple. First I fill my eyebrows in with NYX tinted brow mascara in the shade Black (which isnt really black its more of a dark brown). After that I might or might not use some concealer. The concealer I use is Ruby Kisses concealer in the shade Chocolate Brown. After that I’ll put on a few coats of eyeliner (NYX Le Frou Frou) and eyeliner (NYX Epic Ink Liner).

IMG_4523.JPG                            4FBDF67D-AA7B-4973-A1AA-AC29A1947A78.JPG



Now for my favorite part, outfits. I live in Virginia and here our weather fluctuates until we get to the middle of the summer. Temperatures can range from the 80s to the 100s, so I keep the cute shorts, tanks, dresses and skirts on deck. If you follow me on Instagram you see my style is more so on the “alternative” side so I do wear a lot of black, a lot of fishnets and a lot of clothes with holes in them. Fishnets have recently come back in style and are super cool to wear under skirts or shorts. They’re also really cheap and can be purchased at your local beauty supply store for under 5 dollars.


Another thing that hot this summer is high neck crop tops. I love wearing these with either high wasted shorts or distressed boyfriend jeans. Also pairing these shirts with a cute choker makes for a cute combo.

il_fullxfull.955360014_98lt.jpg                  IMG_3215.JPG

Another thing that is really cute for the summer are band T-Shirts. Seeing that I love rock music, I was very excited when I saw that this trend was a thing. I’m pretty short so I can either wear an extra large shirt as a dress or a regular shirt paired with ripped jeans, a skirt or shorts. I also bleach my T-shirts so that there’s a uniqueness about them.


When it comes to shoes, I think everyone who has been following me for a while knows that Vans are my absolute FAVORITE. They’re cheap, comfy and come in so many different styles and colors. My favorites right now are my black and white Skate Highs and my cherry checkered print slip ons. Both of these shoes are comfortable and can be worn for the most part with pretty much anything.

m_5849ccaa6a5830716c003d16.jpg            Vans-Sk8-Hi-Black-&-White-Skate-Shoes-_211092.jpg

FullSizeRender (64).jpgIMG_3881.JPG



I’m not going to lie, I’m not big on accessories. I can’t even remember the last time I wore earrings or carried a purse. However, the two things I do wear on the regular are chokers and fanny packs (yes I’m throwing it back to the 90s.). For me, keeping up with a purse is too much, Fanny packs are way easier for me to keep up with at concerts and events and I can wear them many different ways (around my waist, across my shoulder, crossbody, etc.) by just adjusting the strap.


Chokers are another thing I love to wear. They are really inexpensive and can be found in just about any hair store, mall store or even in Walmart. My favorite color to purchase them in is black just because of the versatility and I’ll wear them either one at a time or paired with another choker to give a contrasting look.

FullSizeRender (65).jpg


Hopefully this look book gives you guys some inspiration for your summer styles this season! To keep up with all of my outfits/makeup looks follow me on Instagram @heymisschrissy or Snapchat @ chrissy.monroe



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