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“The Inspiration Behind This Song Was Great Sex”: GeeLit Opens Up On New Single “Come Thru”

GeeLit (@thereal.geelit on IG) is the dopest (and only) female member of the GODS Music Group collective and with her lusty new single “Come Thru” she provides listeners with the perfect sounds to totally vibe out to.

The track, produced by THAIBEATS (@thaibeatsnet on IG), presents smoothly auto tuned vocals from GeeLit as well as a feature from Va Beach artist AUD (@therealaud on IG). When asked about the inspiration behind the track, Gee states “My songs are always about someone or an experience I had with someone. The inspiration behind this song was some great sex I had. I want that shit again . So I made this song for that person & they like it. I just want ppl to be able to relate to my music & use it to help them express themselves.”

Gee also shared that a visual for the track is in the works and will be released soon. Check out “Come Thru” here!


Meet Heteroclites, Your New Favorite R&B Singer (And Hear His New Song, Too)

If you love hidden gem R&B artists who are extremely talented but work under the radar, then meet your new favorite artist, Heteroclites. With his incredible range and enchanting vocal theatrics, he has been creating beautiful music all while somehow avoiding the spotlight. With the release of his most recent single “Melancholy” The singer/songwriter is now making his way towards becoming your new favorite singer.

As an artist, Heteroclites remains lowkey. He releases music on Soundcloud occasionally and will interact with fans thru live streams on Instagram (@heteroclites). What makes him such a notable artist is his tremendous range, his unique songwriting abilities and the fact that he is able to take listeners on a wild ride with his voice without sounding like he’s doing the absolute most. He is extremely talented, but subtle, allowing his music to truly speak for itself.

Just recently, Heteroclites has released his new single “Melancholy” and the song is nothing short of pure magic and even though the song is entitled “Melancholy”, it is far from that. On the track, Heteroclites takes listeners on a journey both musically and emotionally by discussing the relatable topic of being stuck in a rut. The smooth vocals paired with the warm and cozy vibe of the track results in a very welcoming and thought provoking track that R&B fans are sure to love.

Our Favorite Lyrics: I live for a second/Got lost for a minute/Rethought it for a hour

Check out “Melancholy” here!


GRXZZLY Shows Lyricism Isn’t Dead in the DMV With “GoldMxnd Freestyle” Visual

Who doesn’t love a good freestyle?

Recently DMV artist GRXZZLY has dropped his “GoldMxnd Freestyle” Visual which proves to hip hop fans that lyricism is still alive.

The visual begins with a recording of a phone call of someone explaining to GRXZZLY how the scene has become oversaturated with rappers who are producing a lot of less than great music and how unimpressive this music is. The person on the phone then tells GRXZZLY to give the people something serious to listen to, and with this freestyle that is exactly what he does. With this freestyle, GRXZZLY gives amazing delivery paired with witty punchlines that will resonate with true hip hop fans. GRXZZLY stated that “this is a representation of his penmanship and mindset as of right now. Some people claim that lyricism is dead in the DMV, well I disagree 100 %”

Check it out here!

Watch: Lil YounGG Talks “Poles & Ubers” In New Visual

Today YounGG released a new visual for his single “Poles & Ubers”. The visual features artists Brio, King Flamez, Dre K, Zero the God, Mike P and Cdai whose unique rapping styles blend cohesively on the track resulting in an uncompromisingly bold yet catchy song.

The visual is shot by @SteloTheGod and combines interesting angles and edits with energetic scenes for a visually appealing video that still delivers that raw, uncut vibe. As for the song itself, each artist does a great job of displaying their individual style on the track while still staying true to the nature and vibe of the song.

Check out “Poles & Ubers” visual here!

G.O.D.S. Music Group is Keeping Lyricism Alive With “Bully Hour”

In this generation of new wave hip hop and “mumble rap”, some may say that lyricism has become outdated, obsolete and a non factor to this generation. G.O.D.S. music group has totally flipped the script on that theory by combining lyricism, knowledge, energy and relevance to create a unique sound that is making the spirit of old school hip hop relevant to this new school generation.

The group of young emcees have most recently reintroduced themselves to listeners by dropping their newest song “Bully Hour”. The song features G.O.D.S. members K.J. The Gawd, Breezo, R. Locko, Grio Arsn and Shel Capo as well as a guest appearance by Doon. On this track each individual does a fantastic job of displaying their individual style while at the same time staying cohesive as a team, resulting in a classic sound that hip hop purists as well as fans of the new school alike will be able to enjoy.

Check out G.O.D.S. “Bully Hour” here!

#MeetTheArtistMondays – Zero The God


Many of the featured artists on this website all have very unique, noteworthy traits which make them the creatives that they are. This new series we’ve entitled “#MeetTheArtistMondays” is designed to give listeners a closer, behind the scenes look into some of the dope underground artists we have come to love. Our first spotlight artist for this series is one who has built up quite the hype for himself with his distinctive, wild, in your face style, Zero The God.

With his crazy wordplay, aggressive delivery and insane ability to dominate on any beat he jumps on, Zero The God is a Massachusetts born, Virginia raised artist who is really beginning to make quite the name for himself in the 757 area. What is quite noteworthy about this artist is the fact that he gained his buzz without any major endorsements from any platform but from just pure talent and hard work. His aggressive, hard to ignore,  sound is another interesting feature that sets the artist apart; a great example of this delivery is on his “Look At Me” cover he did for the “Virginia Is For Ragers” collective mixtape (check it out here) Recently we got a chance to catch up with the artist and he answered some of our questions we had about his rap career, the underground scene and more. Check out what he had to say below.

Where are you from – Born in New Bedford Massachusetts, Raised in Norfolk Virginia
When and How did you discover that you had a passion for music?- I’ve Always had an Ear for music along as instruments from being in Drum Clubs and Drumlines throughout School. My Father also influenced me by always bumping Old School Artist such as Rakim, Krs One and Biggie around the house when i was a kid. But i began to write and record music when i connected with a friend back in 9th grade.
Who do you consider to be your biggest influences? – Biggest Music influences right now have to be Ski mask TheslumpGod & Asap Ferg . For the simple reason of Energy ! Being Explosive and all in there face ! Not scared to be original, Out there and Wild. Not to mention their amazing Lyrical ability
What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome as a creative? I’ve always had the passion, Funds use to be the only thing holding me back. But then i learned to invest
What do you think is your biggest accomplishment thus far?  Being apart of the Robb Banks Falconia Tour ! Best experience of my life Being treated like a super star with one of my Biggest rap Role models.  Robb Banks! Talking to him vibing with him and being able to perform in front of him and hundreds of other peple across the Eastcoast ! I killed every show
What upcoming projects do you have in store for this year? Winter Soulstice the Mixtape will be here in March.. And maybe even a ZTGPT3 this summer  ..but thats a secret
How do you feel about the underground scene? Do you feel as if it is too oversaturated and unoriginal? Yes i feel it’s unoriginal but that fine ..makes me stick out
What qualities about yourself do you feel separates you from other artists? Outstanding Energy u can actually feel ..and my Wordplay can be crazy ..
What was your biggest failure as an artist and how did you over come it? Really don’t look as anything as failure ..just makes u better
What advice do you have to upcoming artists who want to make a name for themselves? Stay true to who u came up with .. don’t be a bandwagon..if somebody else team is popping ..Create your own and overcome
Keep up with Zero The God on his social media, Youtube and Soundcloud at the handles and links below.