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Rashad Starks “Playing With Fire” Is a Beautiful Contrast Between Lit Times & Dark Thoughts

A project that perfectly contrasts an artists dialect about internal conflict with crazy lit beats paired with insane animation and intricate storytelling to bring the subject matter to life is always appreciated. Throw some top notch production in the mix by producers such as DEIPSET and Yung Kifo in the mix and you’ve got Rashad Starks newest project “Playing With Fire”

The project does a wonderful job of tackling the artists feelings regarding suicide, depression, anxiety, being a college drop out and feelings of low self worth while at the same time displaying the artists motivation to overcome these feelings and be a “greater man”. The project opens up with “With Fire”, On which the artists gives pretty much a run down on what the whole tape is going to be about. The artist also showcases his singing abilities on the opening track as well. On “No Ls” he features Dell Fargo and speaks on his desire to persevere and keep grinding. On DRIP, another “turn up” song the rapper adds a feature from menacing rapper Hooks Ventura, adding to the eerie, dark effect of the track. In contrast to the “most lit” theme he goes for in the previous tracks, Stark flips the script and discusses very dark thoughts on “Fahrenheit 451” where he speaks on his feelings of depression, alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. On “Amen”, a more upbeat song, the rapper speaks on his feelings on religion and closes out the tape with a prayer asking God to help him to be a more appreciative, focused man.

Check out Rashad Starks “Playing With Fire” here!


Exclusive Release: Nicholis “Had To” Give Fans An Aesthetically Pleasing New Visual

Quality, artistic visuals are always an appreciated bonus when it comes to songs we love. A dope visual takes songs that are already our favorites and not only adds a “face” to the sound but also gives a deeper look into the personality and aesthetic of the artist. Nicholis’ release of his “Had To” visual does just that.

The video for the bouncy track is shot by OGVISUALS ( @000.og ) and provides viewers with a wavy, unique display to accompany the track. The song itself features producer Chet’ Atlas and combines animated delivery with relatable content and a catchy beat for an overall well put together track perfect for bumping on your spring playlist.

Check out the exclusive release of the “Had To” visual here!

Listen: Fontain Releases Boom Bap Inspired Track “Commencement $peech”

Rapper Fontain has released a new single entitled “Commencement $peech”. The rapper, who is also member of the Flight Ent. collective, is putting a new spin on the classic boom bap sound with this track, a style that many emcees aren’t necessarily able to pull off. The track also displays the artists unique word play as well as his ability to include comedic elements in music as a method of keeping listeners engaged in his story telling.

Check out Fontain “Commencement $peech” here!

Dahlias New “Sinner” Visual Gives Us All The Feels

With Valentines Day right around the corner, a sultry, sexy, smooth playlist full of songs that set the mood are a necessity and Dahlia, one of the sexiest, sultriest vocalists to come out of the 757, has graced the internet by providing a visual to her track “Sinner” resulting in a perfect, pre Valentines Day release.

Anyone who has seen her perform knows for a fact that Dahlia is certainly one of the most captivating and passionate female artists to come out of Virginia. Whenever she performs she enchants all who have the pleasure of watching her perform (in true Scorpio fashion, might I add). The singer has released a visual for her song “Sinner” and it will totally give you the feels. The Virginia Beach based artist has been very open about how special the song is to her and the visual relays that message quite clearly. The aesthetically pleasing visual was shot and edited by FrankieFromTheTrap, who is also the featured emcee on the track and love interest in the adorable video. Just in time for the Valentines Day holiday, the visual includes cuddling, rollerblading and lots of other things that will just make you go “awwww”.

Check out Dahlias “Sinner” visual here!

Chrissys Picks Of The Week 9/25

Hey y’all!

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel then you may know this already but this week I am introducing a new facet to my website called “Chrissys Pics of the Week”.  With these posts I will show you all my favorite new music, visuals and events that I find during the week and want to share with you all. I know I post about local artists a lot but these posts will feature some mainstream artists as well. Today’s article is the first installment of this series of posts so I hope you all enjoy!

Lil Aaron – Warped Tour

I came across this video on Twitter and instantly fell in love with it. You all know I have an infatuation with Vans so I was attracted to the fact that he incorporated Warped Tour into the video. Also, the track samples Paramores “Misery Business” (another one of my favorite songs). If your’e one of those people who need super deep lyrics to enjoy a song then you won’t like this track but I found the song pretty dope and extremely catchy.


Conscious Kane – Good Good

If you like lyrical rappers, Kane is someone you want to pay close attention to. Normally he’s spitting knowledge and serving severe lyricism on his tracks but on this track he keeps it pretty chill and just talks about having a shorty he can kick it with. The track also features Huey Supreme and Nicole Black.


Xxxtentacion – Look At Me

This video has sparked so much controversy in the last couple days but fore you say anything, just watch the video. The video was directed by X himself and has a pretty thought provoking message behind it.


Doe$ki – Love My Choppa

Doe$ki dropped a visual to his “Love My Choppa” freestyle which I found pretty interesting. With all the hair shaking, gun toting and jumping around that we love Doe$ki for, the visual presents a hood aesthetic that is quite satisfying.