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Remembering Xxxtentacion: R. Locko Pays Homage With New Release “So Many Demons”

With a troubled past, a controversial present and a promising future,  Xxxtentacion was certainly an underground artist whose name became a hot topic for the hip hop community within the past year and a half. With his unusual appearance, an unorthodox perspective and a musical approach that was quite unique in comparison to what hip hop has become used to, Xxx had become an artist that some hated but many people came to love. In his music Xxx promotes individualism and the power of being confident in yourself. In addition to this, Xxx spoke a lot about dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and other topics that are not spoken on frequently enough in hip hop, making his music a source of comfort for so many people. Although the rapper had a hard life as a child as well as a lot of legal issues he was facing, Xxx recently had been showing signs of changing, getting his life on track and was inspiring many of his supporters to do the same. However, on Monday June 18, 2018 the underground hip hop community was faced with some very grim and disheartening news, Xxxtentacion had been shot and killed in Broward County, Florida, his own hometown.

The news took everyone by surprise, so much so that some thought it was a joke, but unfortunately the news was true; Xxxtentacion really had been killed. Social media took to a frenzy shortly thereafter and there were hundreds of tweets and posts circulating sending condolences, talking about his impact on fans as well as theories of who the killer might have been. With all of these things going on and all of these people talking about how much Xxx had impacted (and for some, saved) their lives, one thing is clear; Xxxtentacion may be gone but he is not forgotten.

Today, R. Locko has released a track in memory of the fallen star entitled “So Many Demons”. The track is produced by Polo Golf Club and speaks on the suffocating effects of depression, which Xxxtentacion spoke on quite frequently in his music. At the end of the track, Locko gives listeners a short speech about realizing that we all go through the same issues and that we all need to be there for one another during these struggles instead of being so quick to judge one another.

Check out So Many Demons x R Locko here. R.I.P. to the underground legend Xxxtentacion.

G.O.D.S. Music Group is Keeping Lyricism Alive With “Bully Hour”

In this generation of new wave hip hop and “mumble rap”, some may say that lyricism has become outdated, obsolete and a non factor to this generation. G.O.D.S. music group has totally flipped the script on that theory by combining lyricism, knowledge, energy and relevance to create a unique sound that is making the spirit of old school hip hop relevant to this new school generation.

The group of young emcees have most recently reintroduced themselves to listeners by dropping their newest song “Bully Hour”. The song features G.O.D.S. members K.J. The Gawd, Breezo, R. Locko, Grio Arsn and Shel Capo as well as a guest appearance by Doon. On this track each individual does a fantastic job of displaying their individual style while at the same time staying cohesive as a team, resulting in a classic sound that hip hop purists as well as fans of the new school alike will be able to enjoy.

Check out G.O.D.S. “Bully Hour” here!

Bending Genres & Breaking Stereotypes: How VAs R. Locko Is Reinventing Hip Hop With His “Wheres The Color” EP

In hip hop, there seems to be a gap between the groups of fans. On one hand you have the fans of the more lyrical style of rap that is produced by thought provoking artists such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Then on the other hand, you have individuals who prefer the more hype, high energy, beat heavy “yuh, aye” style of hip hop that has become popular in more recent times. Artists who can produce content that can appeal to both masses are few and far between, however, with his latest release “Where’s The Color”, R. Locko proves that he is a genre bending artist whose style is versatile enough to cater to any audience.

Over the past year, R. Locko has been taking tremendous strides toward earning the title of one of Virginias most progressive and versatile artists. Over the summer he released his motivational single “Do Something!” , participated in the No Options showcase alongside rappers like Wolf Hampton, Young Yung and lablemate K Kel and released his Left$iiide Lion EP. R. Locko also participated in the All Eyes On Va Cypher in which he shows himself to be one of the most versatile and lyrical young rappers of the 757.


Most recently, R. Locko has released a five track EP entitled “Where’s The Color”. On this project, he provides example after example of versatility, lyricism and impactful delivery. The project contains the high energy sound that has become popular recently by artists such as Playboy Carti and Lil Uzi while providing the lyrical content and subject matter that classic hip hop fans love. The project is produced by FREEDIESEL and shows R Lockos delivery of punchlines, story telling capabilities as well as his ability to captivate listeners with his subject matter of consciousness, self realization, and self awareness.

While simultaneously breaking every stereotype one could think about the emcees of today and bridging the gap of “lit” and conscious, R Locko is showing signs of being a breakthrough artist who redefines the Virginia hip hop scene. Check out his “Where’s The Color” EP Here!