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G.O.D.S. Music Group is Keeping Lyricism Alive With “Bully Hour”

In this generation of new wave hip hop and “mumble rap”, some may say that lyricism has become outdated, obsolete and a non factor to this generation. G.O.D.S. music group has totally flipped the script on that theory by combining lyricism, knowledge, energy and relevance to create a unique sound that is making the spirit of old school hip hop relevant to this new school generation.

The group of young emcees have most recently reintroduced themselves to listeners by dropping their newest song “Bully Hour”. The song features G.O.D.S. members K.J. The Gawd, Breezo, R. Locko, Grio Arsn and Shel Capo as well as a guest appearance by Doon. On this track each individual does a fantastic job of displaying their individual style while at the same time staying cohesive as a team, resulting in a classic sound that hip hop purists as well as fans of the new school alike will be able to enjoy.

Check out G.O.D.S. “Bully Hour” here!

KJ The Gawd Is “Going Against the Worlds Demons” In New Project – Written By Anthony Diaz

Virginia’s own “Kj the Gawd” drops “Going Against the Worlds Demons” a soulful project filled with deep bass and reverb filled punch lines.

Filled with features from other natives of the area this is definitely a project worth playing in the whip once the blunt is lit. Melodic beats filled with deep voice wordplay, KJ makes it known that this is only the beginning for him. First song of the project is produced by none other than “P.Soul” a well known producer who owns a YouTube channel full of  beats worth listening to as well. Whether you’re taking a trip to the city or a walk around the block, this is definitely an album to play once the sun starts shining. 

Favorite song off the project: 9.”Mood Ring”

Lyrics of honor:

“ Im revenge yes the cousin of Karma

Catch us in the cuts

you know waiting for drama”


Check out the project here!


-Anthony Diaz