IMG-1946667973.jpg Keana Love – Koncrete Kulture

Keana Love is a 22 year old senior Fine Arts Major at Norfolk State University. In 2016 she began the brand Koncrete Kulture, selling vintage and custom clothing as well providing a styling service. With her fashion endeavors, Keana has made it her goal to make people feel that it is okay to be different and express themselves through fashion. By dealing with and overcoming the struggles of being different, Keana hopes to help others do the same by providing them with the encouragement to do so through fashion.

Instagram: @lovejvnkie @koncretekulture

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FullSizeRender (37).jpgKhalia Toney – The Fashion Villain (Blog)

Wassup loves ? My name is Khalia Toney and I’m a woman with a passion for fashion. I love everything there is when it comes to fashion. The runway shows, the endless collections from designers from  Coco Chanel ( CHANEL ) to Creative Directors such as Oliver Rousteing  ( Balmain), the magazines, the creativity. I love it all, more importantly I LOVE how you can express who you are and show the beauty in just a single outfit. I love it so much that I plan on being in the fashion world while being a journalist and a fashion stylist at the same time. Ive styled people for photoshoots, fashion shows and events. I would say as humble as I am, that I’m good at what I do. Any desired look you want I can achieve as while still keeping the essence of who you are. Stick with me, and I’m telling you, you could be a Fashionista.

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Instagram: @allhailkhalia_

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FullSizeRender (48)Akeem “Rudy” Baker – Kamili

Kamilli, meaning “Perfection” is a Norfolk, Virginia based Brand owned by the group of young driven entrepreneurs, The Pharaohs. Akeem “Rudy” Baker, Designer and Creator, is just one of the few members of this group. Established in 2014, Kamilli aimed to refine and reconstruct views upon fashion. Upon doing so, the brand reaches out to those of every audience, fixating on the ability to gain and acquire confidence, self-love and comfortability in your own skin. “Actions speak louder than words, but clothing speaks even louder”

Instagram: @_king.keem @kamiligear_

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