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Mack Derico Proves That He Is Taking “No Breaks” With Newest Visual

Mack Derico, an artist who has been bringing a new sound and face to the crunk music genre, has been making quite a name for himelf throughout the last year and with the recent release of his “No Breaks” visual he is continuing to show that he isn’t letting his foot off of the games neck anytime soon.

The artist has recently released a project entitled “Raw Is War” and is keeping the momentum going with the release of this simple yet appealing visual. As far as concepts, the video keeps it pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. The video, shot by Deddy Mobucks, shows multiple shots of the rapper performing in front of a larger than life, crystal clear screen that projects multiple images and videos that co relate to the theme of the songs lyrics. True to the artists style, this visual avoids the stereotypical flashy material most hip hop visuals contain and keeps the focus on the artist and the music while keeping viewers engaged with fresh angles and interesting effects.

Check out Mack Derico “No Breaks” visual here!

Dahlias New “Sinner” Visual Gives Us All The Feels

With Valentines Day right around the corner, a sultry, sexy, smooth playlist full of songs that set the mood are a necessity and Dahlia, one of the sexiest, sultriest vocalists to come out of the 757, has graced the internet by providing a visual to her track “Sinner” resulting in a perfect, pre Valentines Day release.

Anyone who has seen her perform knows for a fact that Dahlia is certainly one of the most captivating and passionate female artists to come out of Virginia. Whenever she performs she enchants all who have the pleasure of watching her perform (in true Scorpio fashion, might I add). The singer has released a visual for her song “Sinner” and it will totally give you the feels. The Virginia Beach based artist has been very open about how special the song is to her and the visual relays that message quite clearly. The aesthetically pleasing visual was shot and edited by FrankieFromTheTrap, who is also the featured emcee on the track and love interest in the adorable video. Just in time for the Valentines Day holiday, the visual includes cuddling, rollerblading and lots of other things that will just make you go “awwww”.

Check out Dahlias “Sinner” visual here!

Marv P Keeps It Authentic With “C.D.N.P.” Visual

It is very apparent that the society we live in has become a very shallow one. Even when it comes down to the music, there are very few artists left who speak on real topics in a way that isn’t washed up or outdated. Marv P is an artist who prides himself in possessing that capability and his new visual for the inspirational track “C.D.N.P” showcases just that.

Tossing all extra flamboyance and extravagance most hip hop videos of today call for, the simple, but far from basic, video features Marv at a venue simply rapping to and vibing with listeners while telling of how the generation we live in has a tendency to focus on and adore the wrong things. He speaks on females body image and self esteem issues, why he believes there are so many failed relationships for this generation as well as how a lot of things we chase after the most aren’t necessarily what is best in the long run. The video is shot and edited by @MarqCotton

Always bringing music based on quality, substance and a motivational message, Marv Ps “C.D.N.P” is sure to entertain and educate anyone who sees it. Check it out here!

Watch: Young Crazy Releases “Money & Time” Visual

2017 has definitely been an intense year for Young Crazy. From headline his Young Crazy and Friends Show to performing at colleges all across VA, the artist made it nearly impossible for anyone to leave 2017 asking “Who TF Is Young Crazy?”.

Today, Young Crazy keeps the momentum going by releasing the visual for his widely known track “Money & Time”. The visual is shot by @DomicoPhillips in Richmond, Virginia. The visual takes a simplistic, clean approach by showing shots of the rapper around the city flaunting handfuls of cash and a flashy watch, driving home the whole “Money & Time” theme that the song presents.

The song is produced by @KinoBeats, another Norfolk native, and can be found on the “Who TF Is Young Crazy” here Check our the “Money & Time” visual (shot by @DominicoPhilips) here!

Watch: K Kel Drops “Young Beach N*gga” Visual

This week K Kel has released his much anticipated visual for his song “Young Beach N*gga” which could be an anthem for Virginia Beach natives of the new generation.

The visual is shot by @FrankieFromTheTrap and features shots of K Kel along with fellow Wave Gang members Deuce Biggalow and Justin Just in various, popular locations of Virginia Beach such as Town Center and the Oceanfront.

Check out K Kels high energy visual for “Young Beach N*gga” here!

Watch: Lacree Invites Us To Dance With Her In Her “Boom Bye” Visual

Singing sensation Lacree is known for bringing us music that we all can vibe to. Wherever she performs, her timeless voice captivates the attention of anyone who hears and with her new visual, she invites everyone who views to dance, party and enjoy life along with her.

Based out of Virginia Beach, the free spirited songstress has released the energetic visual for her song “Boom Bye”. If you have the pleasure of knowing Lacree, you know that everything she does is done with amazing quality and this visual is nothing short of that. The video is shot in the singers home town and depicts the perfect summertime scene. Combining sun, sand, fun with friends and attractive shirtless guys, the visual is the definition of a summer night done right.

The song will be featured on Lacrees EP which is scheduled to be released in the near future. Check out Lacrees “Boom Bye” visual here!


Watch: Young Crazy “ATX Freestyle” Visual

Returning from his trip to Austin, Texas, Young Crazy surprises his fans with the release of his visual to his most recent freestyle. The lively video is shot by TreP and features shots of Young Crazy and his teams adventures throughout Texas during their time there. The video was released on the rappers birthday and based on a statement he made on social media earlier this evening, the rapper intends on dropping a mixtape in honor of his special day. Check out the “ATX Freestyle” visual here!