Watch: kwallah, the god – Razor Phone Boomin

Closing out summer 2017 in the waviest way ever, kwallah, the god has released his visual for “Razor Phone Boomin”. The unique, fresh visual is directed by Vacant Imaginations and adds a wavy accompaniment to the already dope track. In addition to dropping the video, the artist is also celebrating the recent release of his project “Rick James” which is mixed, mastered and produced by the artist himself. Check out the “Razor Phone Boomin” visual here!

GFL Nero – “Seventeen” visual

GFL Nero is back, this time with the release of a new visual for his track “Seventeen”  (Produced by Mantra808z) The video has a very chill, summertime vibe and features GFL Nero and friends having fun at a cookout while singing and dancing along to the track. The song is also available for download on iTunes here

Check out GFL Nero visual for “Seventeen” here!

Watch: Yuong Blizz – “Reefer Chiefer”

Bucksquad has been making quite a bit of noise lately. From Tay Guttas release of “Lord Can You Hear Me” to Mack Derico announcing the upcoming release of his new project “Hyperbolic Time Chamber 2: Super Saiyan God”, this rap collective is making their presence known in the 757 rap scene. Recently Yuong Blizz, another member of Bucksquad, keeps the momentum of the group going by releasing his new visual for “Reefer Chiefer”

The video is directed by the Filepe Brothers (who is also responsible for Bucky Malones “Mission”visual as well as Bobby Blazes “Stingy” visual) and features Yuong Blizz and fellow Bucksquad members Tay Gutta and Mack Derico as well as their manager Jay Melendez dancing around in a rather goofy manner as Yuong Blizz spits his bars. The quirky video also contains a lot of edits and distortion, making the video look like one big hazy hallucination.

Check out Yuong Blizz “Reefer Chiefer” video here!

Watch: Ceo Moc x Beo Smook x Hbm Deezy “One Take”

If you know anything about the 757 music scene then you know that songs such as Young Crazys “Get Dumb” and Young Money Yawns “Gutta Gutta” have become pretty much anthems of the 757 area. Ceo Moc and Beo Smooks “Im A Dog” has become the newest addition to this collection of anthems. With over 250,000 views on the visual for the song, its safe to say that “Im A Dog” was definitely the breakout song for the duo, and they keep their momentum going with the release of their visual for their song “One Take”.

The song is a more mellow track in comparison to the high energy sounds of “Im A Dog” and features rapper Hbm Deezy. Although the song is not their most popular track, by releasing this track the artists show their ability to be versatile with their sound and show that they are capable of creating music that can be played in the club as well as music to just chill and vibe out to.

Check out Ceo Moc x Beo Smook & Hbm Deezy “One Take” Visual Here!

Watch: Bucky Malone “Mission” Visual

Bucky Malone is an artist who has never been one to shy away from whimsicality. The artist who is responsible for “The Pink Album” and who was also featured on Bobby Blazes song “Stingy” has released a playful new visual for his track “Mission”

The quirky video (directed by Filepe Brothers Productions) features scenes of the emcee edited into clips from Nickelodeons GUTS (can you say throwback?) emphasizing the whole “on a mission” theme. The track (produced by ICYTWAT) can be heard on his latest project, “The Pink Album”.

Check out the video for “Mission” here!

Miah Travis releases his latest masterpiece, “Mona Lisa” visual.

Not long ago, Miah Travis released his controversial single “Caged Bird”. This week, he is back with more heat and has released his very first visual for his beautiful and equally thought provoking song, “Mona Lisa”.

The 19 year old emcee is no stranger to allowing his fans to be introduced to his inner thoughts (hear his track, “Anxiety”) and on this track he lets us hear his ideas on religion. The song (produced by Tokyo Trendz) paints a vivid picture of Miah’s thoughts on his faith and being raised in the church. While we know that Miah is a practicing Christian, seeing that he openly speaks on his faith in his music (in his song “Anxiety” he speaks on using prayer as a relief from his troubling times), with “Mona Lisa” he explains to listeners some of the struggles he faces even with his faith. He also touches on controversial topics within the church such as preachers teaching that salvation can be bought.

The visual (directed by Spencer Sease) for the project is equally as stunning and classic as the track itself. The video features scenes of Miah Travis rapping in a sanctuary, in reference to the religious nature of the song, as well as scenes of him in an art gallery in reference to the tracks underlying message that even in the midst of the struggle, there is beauty in having faith.

Check out Miah Travis visual for Mona Lisa here!

Watch: Young Crazy “Lessons” Visual

Today, Young Crazy released the highly anticipated visual for his song “Lessons” and by doing that, he pretty much has the internet shook.

The high quality visual (filmed by @LoveTheCulture, directed by @FatallyFem and powered by D1 Entertainment) is arguably the rappers best visual released to date. At first glance, the video appears to be a love story featuring Young Crazy and his love interest (@yannawatts). By incorporating a story line (something that has never been seen before in a Young Crazy visual) the video takes viewers on a journey with a fateful twist.

With this visual, Young Crazy has pretty much shown everyone that if anyone is still sleeping on him, it is indeed time to wake up. In addition to releasing this amazing visual, in 2017 alone, Young Crazy has made quite a few accomplishments including headlining his own show as well as landing an interview with The Source magazine.

Check out what all the hype is about and watch “Lessons” music video here!