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Meda Blaq Shows His Many Sides In “Bruce Wayne”

Meda Blaq is a 24 year old artist from Hampton, Virgina who on his project, Bruce Wayne, gives listeners a deeper look into the multiple aspects of his persona as an artist .

On this project, Blaq shows listeners a different side of himself as an artist throughout the different songs on the project. On “How It Go” and “Get Enough”, the artist displays a brash, hardcore style. However, on “Show Em”, Blaq contrasts the previously displayed hardcore style by becoming more transparent and relatable as he discusses his hardships and struggles he faces On “I Can”, Blaq gives his version of a motivational message and tells of his ambition and determination to succeed become successful by any means necessary. 

A notable feature of this tape is, of course, the beats produced by Virginia favorites Treez Lowkey and Ready Rock James and also how cohesively Blaq blends his different styles and flows on each track. 
Our Favorite Songs – Figures, Got Me

Check Out “Bruce Wayne” by Meda Blaq here!

Listen: MFA Tells Stories of Trials and Triumphs in “Rage”

Rapper MFAarogance (@mfaarogance ) is kicking off the summer season by releasing his new song “Rage”, which takes listeners on a wild, musical ride.

The emotionally charged track tells of the artists many trials and tribulations that he faces on a daily basis as well and how he is determined to overcome them all. Beat-wise the song is extremely captivating. The song has some very high energy points as well as softer, more melodic moments that balance eachother out, making for a very well rounded track. On this track, which is produced by Killing Spree, the artist displays his rapping abilities and does a bit of singing as well, showing his diversity as an artist.

Check out “Rage” here!