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heymisschrissy interviews: Tay Gutta

To bring in the month of October, the first installment of the heymisschrissy interview series has dropped. This series was designed to bring more attention to some of the lesser known creatives of the 757 such as artists, dancers, designers and of course rappers and singers.

The first episode features Bucksquad member Tay Gutta. Summer 2017 has been quite eventful for the artist. From releasing his single “Lord Can You Hear Me” (which was featured on this website here ) to performing at EDLs Hip Hop Carnival, this summer was a very defining time for Tay Gutta as an artist, which he tells about in the interview.

In this interview Tay Gutta also discusses who exactly is Bucksquad, what local artists he would like to potentially work with as well as what he thinks about the music scene of the 757.

Check out the first installment of the heymisshrissy interview series featuring Tay Gutta here!

King of the 757: the Marv. P Takeover

Here to turn the hip hop scene upside down, Marvin Parker, better known by his stage name Marv. P, is a native of Norfolk, Virgnia who is using his unique musical style as well as his influence in the 757 to creatively change the face of hip hop one song at a time. The 23 year old artist who has given us songs such as “Look Good” and “Sum Boots” is using his voice to shake the hip hop industry and give his listeners a distinct sound they cannot recieve from any other artist.

On his most recent project “Last Supper” Marv. P shows his versatility as an artist. While his song “Night Out” has a “Friday night” club vibe to it, his song “Sum Boots” has a bit of a dancehall feel and his song “Look Good” gives listeners a clean, classic, feel good sound that anyone can enjoy. In addition to being such a versatile artist, Marv. P is a spectacular performer as well. Whenever he hits the stage, his passion for his craft is always very apparent. Wether performing for a small group or a packed house, Marv. P makes sure that anyone who witnesses his performance feels his energy and experiences a quality show.

With his lyrical sills, unique style and a personality that anyone can relate to, this self proclaimed king of the 757 has proven himself as a truly timeless artist who is equipt and ready to create a musical legacy for generations to come.

Check out my exclusive interview with Marv. P here!