Khalif Bryant Speaks On Love Lost In “U & I”

In his new track “U & I” Khalif Bryant demonstrates his more vulnerable side by opening up and speaking on a past relationship with a not so happy ending.

It’s not very often that we hear male artists actually take accountability when they’ve done wrong in a relationship. With lyrics such as “My conscience beat me black/blue, if only by His will that I get led back to you” Bryant seems to have done a lot of self reflection after he and his partner have parted ways. On the track Bryant is filled with regret and considers all the things that he should have done that would have possibly kept his relationship afloat. His offers to apply pressure, tell his partner he’s sorry in a million ways and even serenade his lover are all efforts he tells listeners that he wants to take in order to make things right and the songs closing lyrics “Fuck the closure…I could show you what it really is but we ain’t finished yet.” leave listeners with a kind of cliffhanger ending as to wether his efforts were in vain and allows them to accurately feel Bryants sentiments on not necessarily knowing what’s next for the relationship but taking action to make things right.


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