LaPaul Tells A Ganja Love Story In “Higher Frequency”

After not releasing music for a year and a half, LaPaul has released this ganja love story, his love story that happened once upon a time.

“High Frequency” is a soulfully, seductive track released by Virginia artist LaPaul. On the track he demonstrates smooth, sultry vocals and sets the scene by describing a very erotic evening consisting of him, his lover and weed. With lyrics such as “we’re moving to a high frequency, its only you and me”, LaPaul alludes to a strange ménage à trois consisting the two lovers and their substance of choice. LaPaul explains, “I mean its like a threesome, ganja does it right every time and you feel so good while smoking. Adding your partner just tops it off.” He has released the track just in time for Valentines Day, a special treat for all the stoner lovers out there.

Check out “Higher Frequency” here!


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