Authentic, Alluring and Audacious: Meet Treek

Treek is an emerging female emcee from Pensacola, Florida. Her latest EP “Big Head” put her on the map in the 757 and showed listeners that with her versatile delivery and authentic lyrical content, she is on the way to becoming one of your new favorite rap girls.

Growing up Treek became introduced to music and its varying styles by her father. As a member of a rap group with her cousins, Treek was into a lot of creative endeavors as a child however, music is what stuck with her the most through her life. Musically she is influenced by her father and Lil Wayne.

As a female artist, Treek has had struggles with others taking her seriously as an artist. “The hardest thing to overcome is people playing with me…in real life and in music”, she shares. When things do get hard for her as an artist, Treek says that her daughter is who motivates her to keep going. “She gave me more motivation to put into music”, Treek states.

In 2021, Treek wants to experiment more with versatility in music. Not only does Treek rap but she is also a talented singer and plans to release an R&B project very soon. She feels as though her standout quality about her as an artist is her versatility and her authenticity. “I love to create different vibes of music, I listen to everything. Ive put in and am putting in the work. Im Treek, I can’t be anybody else”, she states. Her advice to other artists is to never take no for an answer, demand respect, have fun and be yourself.

Check out Treek on streaming platforms and follow her on social media. Be sure to check out Treeks performance at “Pussy Power 2” an all female led art and music showcase presented by Blckheartsclub! (Tickets available here)

Treeks Instagram

Treeks Twitter

Treek “Love You Down” Visual

Treeks Soundcloud


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