Meet Jay?Duhhh, The Controversial Richmond Rapper Who Is Raging Her Way Onto Your Playlist

When it comes to the rockstar lifestyle, Richmond based artist Jay?Duhhh is defininely the embodiment of that phrase. Her songs “Glacier”, “Cop It” and “Loose Screws” have not only given her quite the buzz in the VA area but they are also anthems for anybody who doesn’t care what people think, likes to have fun and loves to let out their inner rager.

Jay?Duhhh was born and raised in the Richmond, Va area. Always having a passion for music, she began dancing at the age of four and began piano lessons at the age of eight. Growing up she was influenced by artists such as Sade, Lauryn Hill, Nas, Tupac, Billie Holiday and grew to later become inspired by female emcees such as Rico nasty and Flo Milli. “I have a deep respect for individuals who have actually made an impact with their music and continue to follow their dreams”, Jay?Duhhh shares.

As she continues to grow as an artist, Jay?Duhhh has been met with quite a bit of backlash. Growing up Jay?Duhhh shares that she would never take the hateful energy she received lightly, and ever since she began making music, the hatred has grown. “Being a light worker comes with negative energy trying to bring you down but I am slowly getting accustomed to it. Its not something any human being should get used to. I am still finding my ‘soul tribe'”, she states. Jay?Duhhh combats all negative energy with positive action. “I had a performance that was subpar and I quickly learned that my focus had to be all in”, she shares, “I now build my endurance and keep my shows professional. I feel like Ive truly grown to love and see this passion as my job rather than a hobby.”

Jay?Duhhh is currently working on her first album entitled “Miss Rager”. The project will be produced by mainly Richmond based producers and will include a wide variety of music genres. In 2022 Jay?Duhhh is focusing more on making her music more widespread by booking shows outside of the VA area. Her advice to other artists is to keep it authentic and be able to take constructive criticism. “I feel as if a lot of artists try to mimic their favorite artist rather than being influenced by them and finding their own sound. You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable, meaning, you cannot allow your fears to stunt you from showing the world who you are at your core. With that being said, you will have to realize that when you put your work out for the WORLD to see, there will be people who won’t like you. It’s just an opinion, don’t take it personal. You should also become accustomed to hearing criticism from your team who will be helping you in the process. You may not know everything, so drop the ego and learn.”

Be sure to check out Jay?Duhhh performing live at the “Pussy Power 2” showcase presented by Blckheartsclub, check her out on streaming services and follow her on social media.



“Glacier” Music Video



Pussy Power 2 Ticket Link


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