Money Bri Is Killing Everything In New EP “Bri Bundy”

Virginia Beach based artist Money Bri has just released he new EP entitled “Bri Bundy” and the project is nothing short of sinister beats, sassy lyrics, and a super huge warning to anybody listening that Bri is ready to eliminate any and all competition.

On the project Bri partners up with popular 757 producer The Beachboyy and provides a rage feel that one might compare to Rico Nasty or Bali Baby. On the first track of the project Bri gives clarity on why she chose to name the tape “Bri Bundy”; simply put (and in her own words), she’s killing sh*t. The second track of the tape “Bri Possible” samples the Kim Possible theme song and speaks on Bris antisocial nature with lyrics like “Dont call me you can’t reach me, Dont beep me if you need me”. On “Frontos and Papers” Bri uses a more quiet whisper-like delivery which contrasts with her delivery on “Who That” where she rages and has a more brash style. On the last track of the tape “Going Bundy” Bri speaks on her heartless demeanor toward men, her unfriendly nature toward other women and gives an unapologetic warning to the music game that she is ready and willing to kill anything in her way.

Check out “Bri Bundy” here!


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