Khalif Bryant Makes His Return With New Project “Welcome Home Leafy”

The evolution and growth of an artist is always an interesting thing to observe. Khalif Bryant is not only a particularly creative and ingenuitive artist but he is also an artist who beautifully documented his growth and self reflective journey in his second and newest project “Welcome Home Leafy”.

The project is seven tracks long and covers Bryants journey as an artist and as a man as he learns how to maneuver thru new circumstances, relationships, feelings and adventures that life has thrown his way. Two of the seven tracks (“Who” and “Mr Bryant”) have correlating music videos that capture Bryants theatrical side as well as well as display some pretty unorthodox elements (instead of a video filled with cars, money or girls, Bryant raps along side a puppet version of himself) which really brings something different to the table as far as music videos are concerned.

“Welcome Home Leafy” is not only a project dedicated to Bryant telling listeners of his evolution and progression both as an artist and as a man, but it is also his declaration that Bryant is here to stay as an artist and is certainly an artist to continue watching.

Check out “Welcome Home Leafy” here!


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