Meet Hooligan Records: The Richmond Label Who Is Making Waves In The Underground Scene

Hooligan Records is a label based out of Richmond, Virginia. The group is founded by artist Ra$cal Grimez and is composed of artists Keese Ka$h, Lil Percy, Lil Tommi, Lil Whoadiiee, PS Dre, VILLIANN, D3LOW, 3HunnidBaGs, 3iGCheeze as well as producers 50kFace and GAWD

“We all come from different parts of Richmond, Virginia”, Grimez, the CEO of the label, shares. “I made the label to prove Richmond niggas could make money and come out the same situation together. Its like a family, we all met hustling some sort of way.”

The group has put together countless events and shows in the Richmond area as well as surrounding areas featuring other dope, east coast underground artists as well such as Yuvi, Baby Sosa, Shini Gang and Bittersweet. The group has also worked with mainstream artists such as Lil Debbie, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, SauceWalka and Project Pat and done shows in the DC area with WifiGawd.

Recent releases from the group can be found on their Youtube which serves as a hub for all of the members of Hooligan Records music and visuals. The diversity in the group is also very apparent when looking at the groups uploads on their Youtube channel. D3LOW presents a more melodic and easy going flow in his “LaDaDa” visual while Lil Whoadiiee gives listeners a more high energy and hard hitting delivery in his “SPAWN” visual. The group also covers a broad range of topics within their music as well. While Lil Percys “Hope You Hate Me” is a very braggadocios track which discusses flexing on haters and getting revenge on those who doubt, Rascal Grimez “Never Mattered Part 2.” speaks on the chaos going on in the world and the struggles of staying true to yourself in a corrupt society.

Check out the official Hooligan Records Youtube channel here and follow Hooligan Records on Instagram to keep up with uploads and events!




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