Interview: Meet CrashGoCrazy

CrashGoCrazy is an engineer and artist who is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is now based in Atlanta, Georgia. We recently got a chance to speak to him about his journey as an engineer, his upcoming (and first) event “Crash Dummies” and more!

BLCKHEARTSCLUB: Where are you from?

CrashGoCrazy: I was born and raised in north Philadelphia and moved to ATL in 2014. 

BHC: When and How did you discover that you had a passion for music?

 Crash: I was a freshman in high school. Everyone was playing sports and I wanted to make music. I just always wanted to do music since I was little.

 BHC: Who do you consider to be your biggest influences? 

Crash: My biggest influences when it comes to music would have to be Fatmankey!, Father, Wintertime , Chief Keef, Future and Kanye West. I have a lot but they would have to be my top picks. 

BHC: What has been the hardest thing for you to overcome as a creative?

Crash: Learning to be consistent. I feel like that’s the hardest thing for me to overcome. I’m an over thinker. It’s the worst.

BHC: How do you feel about the music scene in your area? 

Crash: The music scene in Atlanta is crazy it’s so much potential here we all gotta come together and bring it to light.

BHC: How did you get into throwing events? How has your experience with putting together shows been thus far? 

Crash: This actually my first event that I hosted I went to LA for a show and said this would go crazy in Atl. So I just put it together with my bros.

BHC: How did you come up with the lineup for this upcoming show as far as selecting artists? How did you choose who you wanted to be a part of this event?  

Crash: Everyone that’s on the lineup I either met them in LA or they’ve been going crazy in Atlanta. Me and Caalvo hand picked the artist.

BHC: If artists want to be a part of future events that you do, how can they go about doing that? 

Crash: Send me some hard music. I don’t care for the streams I care about the music. If you have some hard music that can get the people moving you might get a slot at the next show. 

BHC: Are there any artists that you would like to work with in the future or that you would like to collaborate with on events? 

Crash: I don’t wanna say any names but they’re from New York. Just know it’s in the works and it’s gonna be crazy 

Follow CrashGoCrazy on Instagram and Twitter @crashgocrazy and click the link below to RSVP to his upcoming event “Crash Dummies”


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