Koren Grace Gives The Perfect Breakup Soundtrack In New “No Hard Feelings” Visual

With spring creeping up on us and summer right around the corner, its definitely the season for out with the old and in with the new. If you’re looking for a sign to leave that toxic relationship or friendship behind and get ready for a hot girl (or boy) summer, Koren Grace is here to give you one with her new “No Hard Feelings” visual.

The visual, shot by Angelina and directed by Angelina and Koren Grace, shows Grace in an empty apartment after what she describes on the track as her departure from a toxic relationship with another person. The visual is shot entirely on an iPhone and really does a great job of visually displaying Graces confident and unapologetic nature that she portrays in the song. The track (written by Koren Grace, musically composed by JOON, mixed and engineered by Jackie Paolella and mastered by Murat Colak) provides listeners with encouragement to value themselves and their mental health enough to leave a toxic situation with grace, class and no hard feelings.

Check out the “No Hard Feelings” visual here!


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