Jerome Sky Explains Why He’ll Be “Broke By Monday” In New Track

Jerome Sky has recently dropped his new track entiteld “BBM Intro” . While most rap artists choose to exercise a more flamboyant and braggadocious tone in their music by flexing on the have nots and basically making us all feel broke, in his new song, Sky rejects those social norms and represents for the average joe.

The song, produced by Big Lo$, was released earlier this year and on the track Sky discusses relatable topics such as baby mama issues, being unplased with his 9 to 5 job and using the fact that his parents struggled to make ends meet while raising him as motivation for his hustle. At the end of the track, Sky states that “BBM is up next” and when we asked the artist what exactly BBM means, he shared with us that it is an acronym for “Broke By Monday”. “The average person is living paycheck to paycheck” Sky states, “They get paid on Friday, they gotta pay bills, might wanna do some shopping, and self pampering, go out, and by Monday they’re broke.” Sky also shared with us that he is starting a whole collective under the “BBM” name. “Theres three of us so far. We’re looking for a dope female artist right now too.”

Check Out “BBM Intro” by Jerome Sky here!


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