Meet NxG, Phillys New Favorite Rockstar

A first generation American, NxG I grew up in Philadelphia, PA by way of the United Kingdom and Nigeria. He first discovered his love for music when he was about 5 and introduced through classical piano training. “Piano was my emotional outlet for a while. Music did not really move me, though, until I was in 7th grade and found Nirvana. I wanted to be just like them, and taught myself guitar and bass so that I could play along to their songs.” NxG shares that he is heavily influenced by Frank Ocean, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, Drake & TyFontaine. He also states that he is influenced by some of the local artists in his area and some of his his friends who are artists too such as Eli616,  Rodie Senpai and T$an. “On a more personal note”, the artist shares, “rock music had a huge inspiration on me. Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins are all bands that taught me about song structure and how to really craft a record and create sonic contrast.” 

When asked what challenges he has faced as an artist, Nxg shared with us that getting out of his head and out of his own way was something that he had to overcome. “I had to ruthlessly curate my environment so as to surround myself with people who demonstrate that they want to see me win; talk is cheap.” 

He also shares that in regards to having a successful music career, patience is key. “I can be quite impatient sometimes, but a wise man once told me that “there’s no elevator to success, I gotta take the stairs”. Artists go as quickly as they come. I think looking to some of my favorites, like Tyler, The Creator, who had slow rises to the positions they’re now in, reassures me. There’s no need to rush to where I’m going; I intend to stay there for quite some time.” He also told us that he feels that his biggest accomplishment musically thus far has been getting his mom to support his music and creating a movement that connects people through music.

Nxg is definitely a unique artist and when asked what he attributes his originality to, he shared with us that it is his myriad of perspectives. “I got the game from experts in their own right. My mentor, Ben Thomas, really trained me to become an audio engineer, and that has been my biggest asset to this day. Not only does it become a side hustle, it allows me to be more involved in the creative process and really steer my sound. I’m not reliant on any one engineer to produce the NxG sound; that comes directly from me. I used to be in a choir too, so I know a little bit about singing in a group and harmonizing. That’s also something super important that I use to my advantage.”  He also states that at first, he didn’t know if the same uniqueness that we now celebrate in his artistry would be well received by his area. “I honestly think that Philly has shaped me into the artist that I am today for better or for worse. It’s a tough city and a lot of the music reflects that. Because my music is softer, I wasn’t sure if my city would really embrace me, or whether they would ridicule me. But seeing their support really showed something to me: Philly doesn’t support bullshit. As long as you’re authentic, they’re going to support you, even though it might take a little more convincing. But that pushed me. Since I’m not talking about the typical content to come out of Philly, I had to work twice as hard.”, he shares.

We asked if NxG had any advice to give upcoming artists who may read this and humbly, he reminded us that he is a student of the game and that he is still trying to learn the ropes himself. One thing the artist does feel is important and that others may be able to learn from him is his consistency. “Anyone, and I mean quite anyone, can randomly make a hot song. That’s cool and all, but legends are able to do that for as long as they want.” This year NxG will be releasing his upcoming project #OuttaHereSoon. “We’ve taken inventory of ourselves through Note to Self, rid ourselves of the characteristics that weren’t helping us reach our goals in In Loving Memory, created our new character in Genesis. Now it’s time to reap the rewards. We’re #OuttaHereSoon.”

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