LaPaul Encourages You to “Love Yourself” In New Single

Xavier LaPaul Booker, who goes by the stage name LaPaul, has a positive message for the world, a message that not too many artists spread today due to what’s popular. He has been pretty diverse regarding style and topics before, but in his new track “Fym-Love Yourself” he speaks on a topic he states he has never touched on in his music before.

In his new song, LaPaul encourages listeners to free their mind and love themselves . “We all go through something in life”, LaPaul shares, “however we should grow through it” . He also shares that “Fym” is an acronym for “free your mind” and that “it also means ‘fu*k you mean’ but you have to include the ‘love yourself’ after”

LaPaul says he was influenced by Bob Marley, Nas, & Jcole when creating this song. With assistance from producer Pheonyx, Tevin the Engineer from Redroom Studios (Fayetteville, NC), engineer Eulonzo Dawson (Portsmouth, Va,), engineer Micah Boone (Newport News, Va), LaPaul was able to pull from past traumas and begin the healing that made writing this track possible. LaPaul believes that when talking about peace, there has to be some sort of darkness that one comes out of. He hopes that by releasing this song he is able to positively impact listeners but he also shares that by releasing this song, he has also been able to help and heal himself.

Check out “Fym-Love Yourself” here!


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