Learn All About “Mr Bryant” in Khalif Bryant’s Bouncy New Single

During this pandemic there have been a select few artists who have remained consistent and have continued to steadily keep their audiences involved and entertained despite the grim circumstances. Khalif Bryant has proved himself to be one of those artists.  

Over the last few months Bryant has been involved in quite a bit. Back in August he had an interview with the Naked WJC platform in which he discussed a little bit about his artistry and his upcoming project “Welcome Home Leafy”. He participated in the Coast 2 Coast Live Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia in August as well. In September Bryant demonstrated his desire to give back to the community and volunteered as a part of BlackHeartsClubs very first charity event “Pie-A-Rapper”. Most recently Khalif Bryant has released his new single “Mr. Bryant”, the first single off of his “Welcome Home Leafy” project.

The track really demonstrates Bryants growth as an emcee in comparison to earlier tracks such as “Peace”. From beginning to end Bryant demonstrates an ability to keep listeners tuned in by demonstrating an extremely unique delivery. The way Bryant uses the inflection of his voice on this track as well as other songs of his has become a staple feature in his music. Over the years Bryant has certainly mastered the art of asserting confidence in his music. In this particular track we see examples of the artist celebrating his status in lines such as “all my checks are getting bigger and all my bitches getting juicy”. If the “Mr. Bryant” single is a reflection of how the rest of the “Welcome Home Leafy” project is going to be, its safe to say that listeners are certainly in for a treat and a lyrically wild ride.

Check out “Mr. Bryant” here!

“Mr Bryant” https://fanlink.to/mr_bryant


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