Shantel Solè Pushes The Cultural Envelope In “Mood” Visual

Shantel Solé,  a vibrant up and coming R&B artist from Norfolk,Va, has just released a visual for her song “Mood”. We recently got a chance to speak to her about the visual and her creative process of coming up with the concept.
Recently Solé has relocated back to the USA after living in Japan for a while. She shared that her time in Japan inspired the concept of the visual. The choreography was created by Japanese dancers.”We rehearsed in Tokyo up to 3hrs at a time learning and perfecting the dance for the video”, Solé states. Solé also shared that with this visual (which is shot by Vidlord) she wanted to give her fans a glimpse of what it feels like to be a woman. “Some days it’s nothing really wrong but you just kinda need your space or feel irritated. I also wanted to show the different sides of feminism. Sometimes it can be subtle and sexy and at other times aggressive and assertive”, she shares.
Although the subject matter of Solés music varies, when fans listen to her music it is quite clear that she makes music that is good for the spirit. All of her music has an overall message of positivity and love. ” I just try to send peace and healing through my music. That’s the biggest message. I want my audience to feel relaxed and loved when they hear my music. almost therapeutic”, she shares. Solé shares that she is influenced heavily by Erykah Badu in the sense that she is so creative and unapologetic in her delivery, two characterstics that Solé definintly posesses as an artist.
When asked what else she has planned for 2020 Solé shared with us that she has another album dropping and plans on dropping more singles as well. With her positive energy and tranquilizing sound, we are excited to see what Solé comes up with next.
Check out the “Mood” visual here!


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