World Premier: DTP Releases “MVP” Visual

With the recent release of his latest project “Pandemic”, DTP is taking full advantage of this time we are all being forced to spend in quarantine by releasing a new visual for fans. As an emcee, engineer and CEO of Wrek Shop Entertainment, DTPs hands are definitely full, yet somehow he manages to stay consistent in releasing new music and visuals. When he drops, he makes sure he is delivering heat and his release of the “MVP” visual definitely keeps in line with that pattern.

The track is produced by BeachBoyy and Coldboy Jon and is featured on the “Pandemic” EP that DTP released earlier this year. “The pandemic was just reaching our country and honestly, I never thought it would be as serious as it is. I released the EP as a way to joke about it yet still inform people about what’s going on”, he states. He also shared that the project was not a planned release. Over the course of the last few months DTP had been recording a lot with Coldboy Jon. “One day I woke up and just said fuck it”, he states, “I’m just about to drop all of our songs. “MVP” is the third song on the six song EP and DTP shares that he plans to release a visual for every song on the project. The “MVP” visual was shot and directed by Alexander Jay and features DTP engaging in a very interesting variation of social distancing which includes masked strippers, Range Rovers and throwing lots of money. Conventional? No. Entertaining to the point that it may make you want to maybe hire a few masked dancers of your own and throw yourself a pandemic party? Hell yes. 

Check out the “Pandemic” EP and the “MVP” visual here.

MVP Visual


Pandemic EP


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