Meet Lil Swurvie: Emo Rap Kid, Engineer, and CEO

Originally from Charleston, WV but now residing in Virginia Beach, VA, Lil Swurvie the self proclaimed “emo rap kid” is on his way to becoming a cultural staple in the music industry. He is not only an artist but an engineer, producer, and multi genre label CEO, DarkHeart LLC.

Swurvie shares that he has always had a passion for entertainment. As a young child he participated in plays, choir and magnet school. Eventually, what started as a hobby grew into a passion for music around age 10 when introduced me to rap music by his mother. His biggest influences are Kanye West and Drake and he has his favorite albums by both artists tattooed on him.
At 19 Swurvie obtained his engineering license and states that he is very hands on with the producing and engineering of all of his projects. In 2016 he did a 30 city tour with Mark Battles and states that touring really opened his eyes to the independent hustle, and how to set up a tour based on streaming analytics. Swurvie also owns a label, DarkHeart LLC, and prides himself on his creation of that label which he states has given him an even better understanding of the music industry. Swurvie is also involved with the artist development side of music and wants to help artists to evolve by providing that service with his label. “Most labels have done away with their artist development programs because you have the internet and you can make a kid with a buzz a superstar tomorrow.”, he shares, “They make their money and don’t care about the quality of the artist truly! I like to meet Artist get to know their story, their life and their sound and help them develop as a person as well.” This year Swurvie shares that his main focus is building his following on Spotify and hopes to complete his goal of 1 million streams. In 2020 so far he has released a small EP “I Hate Everyone” and has released a few singles this year as well. “EMORAPKID2” and “FELLOWCRAFT” are the two projects Swurvie plans to release this year.
When asked what his advice is to aspiring artists, Swurvie state, “Invest in yourself! Don’t overthink just go! What you’ll do is end up doing more thinking then moving. Some things will work and some things won’t. You will lose money, but that doesn’t mean be hesitant on the next investment. Invest 50% of your income in your craft or product each and every month and you’ll win!”
Check out Lil Swurvie on social media and check out “I hate everyone.” here!
IG and Twitter: @lilswurvie
“I hate everyone.” EP:

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