Blue Medina Gives A Deeper Look Into Her Artistry and Project “The Floating Bird”

Blue Medina is an emerging artist from Suffolk, VA. Her versatility and style truly separates her from the pack. Not the stereotypical artist, you never really know what to expect when she releases as far as concepts go, however one thing is definitely clear, she has exceptional talent.  .

Medina says she discovered her passion for music for music when she was nine by hanging out with her older brother and his friends. They would freestyle all the time and one day Medina tried her hand at it and has loved music ever since.  Recently Medina has released her latest project “The Floating Bird”, which she also says is her biggest accomplishment to date. “This project is the most expressive and conceptual body of work that I’ve put out to date”, she states,  “I’m extremely proud to have even created it.”

Medina prides herself for her vulnerability as an artist. “Not a lot of people are as fearless as me when it comes to being emotional”, she says. With that being the case, one of her biggest challenges as an artist has been learning how to not care so much what others think. “I used to care so much about other people’s opinions that I would delete music/videos that I really liked just because they weren’t getting the response that I wanted.” Medina shared with us that at one point in time she lost all of her old music and videos. “It really broke me down when I realized I couldn’t bring my art back. I had to overcome it by just doing better than ever before.”, she shares. Medina has since then been able to recover and declares that her music has evolved and elevated tremendously since that mishap. 

When asked about upcoming projects, Medina shared that she has some singles dropping throughout the year, however her main focus is still to push The Floating Bird project. She plans to drop music videos and possibly bonus tracks. Her message she wants to send to her supporters and other aspiring artists? “Just be yourself”, she states, “period.” 

Follow Blue Medina on social media Check out “The Floating Bird” here! 

IG & Twitter: @icybluemedina 




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