Pape Sets The Tone In Highly Anticipated Release Of First Album “Sorry For The Pape”

Pape aka “HotBoyPape” is an artist who is well on his way to becoming one of the bigger names to come out of the 757. He has recently dropped his highly anticipated project “Sorry For The Pape”. The project features several singers that have become popular among listeners such as “3 Kings” and “Hotboy” as well as plenty of new tracks as well. On the project the artist displays versatility while still staying true to his original sound. With not much media presence, there is a lot about Pape that remains a mystery however with this project, on songs such as “3 am In My Head” and “Sorry For The Pape”, he really gives fans a better glimpse of everything that has brought him to this point in his career as well as in his life. The project has quite a buzz built for its release as fans have been waiting on this album for quite some time. With its release, Pape is sure to gain a whole new following by showcasing a different side of himself as an artist while simultaneously delivering the same raw, hard hitting music that old fans have come to love.

Check it out here!


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