MF Aarogance is Ironically Unapologetic in “Sorry I’m Late”

In a time where it seems like many artists have become carbon copies of one another and the antics used to promote an artist has become more important than the content the artist is putting out to begin with, its very seldom that we come across a piece of work that showcases true individualism and realness. In his new project “Sorry I’m Late”, MF Aarogance demonstrates the true meaning of authenticity and gives us raw, real music with no gimmicks.

The project begins with a skit in which the artist is found to have overslept and missed a very important event which in turns disappoints quite a few people. As we get into the album the first track “Boombastic” the artist, who is known for his ability to spit witty bars, reminds listeners that he is undoubtedly a true lyricist. “Anime” is a song entirely to women who enjoy smoking weed and watching the popular style of animation. On “Sadderday Night” MF Aarogance gives a nod to Maroon 5 and samples their popular song “Sunday Morning”, the artist also showcases his vocal abilities on this especially cozy sounding track which provides heart warming one liners such as “can we fall in love like we first did in the mosh pit.”

MF Aarogance has already been known to be a extremely dope lyricist and its no secret that he can body any beat he jumps on, however this album provides listeners with a different look at his artistry as he shows his diversity, his range as well as his personality. The project shows great potential and next steps are highly anticipated as it will be interesting to see which direction the artist goes from here.

Check out “Sorry I’m Late” and connect with MF Aarogance on social media!

Instagram and Twitter: @MFAarogance

Apple Music:



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