R Locko is Uplifting Fans in New Song “Apply & Ascend”

With a message that is controversial in delivery yet positive in nature, R Locko is an artist who has always created music that is uplifting. The young emcee, who is arguably one of the most consistent when it comes to releasing quality content, is back with his latest release “Apply and Ascend”


The song is produced by iC and provides a motivational message to listeners about staying focused, working hard and reaching goals. Locko does an excellent job of using animated flows on the beat which provides an almost theatrical element to the song. In the song Locko demonstrates where hes at lyrically as well as mentally. He has made tremendous progress as an artist and as a person and this song in comparison to some of his earlier releases is the proof.


Follow R Locko on social media Check out Apply and Ascend here!


IG: @r.locko

Twitter: @rlocko47


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