Nightly Doses “Candid Live Show” was a Mecca of Black Creative Excellence

What do you get when you mix black artists, black owned business vendors, at a black owned venue all brought together by a black owned media platform? The Nightly Dose Candid Live Show.


The Nightly Dose is a media platform composed of members Ken (@badguykenn) , Jin (@jinandretti) and Aus (@koolaus) that focuses on black creatives, news and entertainment from a professional young adult perspective. Lead curator Austin ( @kool.aus ) describes the platform as “Creative ratchetness, original content and a fresh introduction to talk show TV”. This past weekend ND hosted their Candid Live Show which was a melting pot of local black talent in the 757 area.


The event featured a diverse lineup of performers such as ShaeLaSoul (@cravethevintage), Lex Lucent (@lexlucent) Fat Eric (@fatericc )and Boom ( @boomah633_), a cypher of lyricists including Skuzii (@skuzii) and R Locko ( @r.locko) and vendors ranging from art ( @itsgnarlycj) to shades ( @_theshadybunch_) to lemonade ( @fruitionlemonade). The event also featured an informative panel of black young adults in media who gave out great information for creatives about branding, marketing and the power of social media. The event was held at The Official Number One Space, a black owned venue which claims to be a safe space and hub for all creatives.


Check out the ND Show here and keep up with them on social media!


IG: @nightlydoseshow

Twitter: @nightlydose


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