Vocalist Cay Showcases Simple Artistry in New Visual

In preparation of the release of her new EP “AREUOCAY” vocalist, Cay has released a very vibey visual for the first single off the album “Too Fast”

 The visual is shot, edited and directed by Omnieye Visuals. In the video we see what is depicted as a young womans journey from being in a “situationship” with a guy to being fully single and on the rebound, something we can all relate to. The video keeps things simple yet takes a very , very modern artistic approach by keeping the same set throughout the entire visual, a living room with a couch. What makes the visual interesting is the fact that viewers are pretty much taken on a whole journey while viewing the same set throughout the entire duration of the visual.

 The song “Too Fast” is a single off of the artists new EP “AREUOCAY” which debuts tomorrow. Check out the visual for “Too Fast” here!



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