Khalif Tells Of His Addictive Love Affair in “Mary”

Khalif, who was looking for “Peace” last time we heard from him seems to have found it in his new relationship with “Mary”. She’s almost the perfect match for him; she helps him deal with his problems, relieves stress and is always around when he needs her. The artist tells of his addictive love affair with this woman in his new single.


The song features some incredible story telling as well as analogies and compares the artists struggle with substance abuse with a complicated relationship. He discusses how his habits have taken a toll on different aspects of his life such as his family relationships and even his mental health and even though he knows that his habits have become almost detrimental, he feels as though during his darkest times, his habit is the only thing that can help him cope. The song can also be interpreted as a story of an abusive relationship in which the artist is involved with someone who is very problematic for him but for some reason he’s in too deep and too emotionally involved to let go.


No matter what way you interpret the song, “Mary” speaks on some pretty deep issues that many can relate to but few speak on in an artistic and thought provoking manner. Check it out here!


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