Meda Blaq Speaks From Multiple Perspectives In “Trilingual”

Although summer is coming to an end, there is still enough time for artists to release music that are perfect for this seasons playlist. In his newest project “Trilingual” Meda Blaq takes an interesting approach as he utilizes different styles, sounds and subjects, showing listeners a different side of himself as an artist, all while creating that fun, energetic sound that’s suitable for summer.

With only 5 tracks, the project is pretty short in length, but what it lacks in length it absolutely makes up for in content. On the project Blaq displays a wide range of styles, ranging from hard hitting emcee (Shaft) to singer, using heavily distorted vocals (Pussy House). The artist also tackles a wide range of subject matter on the project meaning there is literally something on this project for everyone. Songs like “Shaft” and “No Whales” will be appreciated by listeners who appreciate wordplay and a decent flow. On “Faster” Blaq delivers a sound that is more suitable for a party vibe and on “Pussy House” Blaq talks to the ladies.

When asked why he chose to name the project “Trilingual” the artist shares, “I chose “Trilingual” because I feel like my versatility allows me to create different music depending on my emotions . This allows me to reach listeners in a different way, they can feel my shit in a different way it’s not always orthodox. I plan to accomplish being recognized as an artist that can make whatever type of music he wants.” With the many styles and perspectives displayed on the project, it is safe to say that Blaq has accomplished that goal. 

Check out “Trilingual” here!



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