Czar Nicholas Did Not Come To Play With Y’all In “He Got Game”

Czar Nicholas has just released his newest project, and he did not come to play with yall.

A lot of unsigned artists are very opinionated in regards to the music scene and in his newest project “He Got Game”, the 22 year old artist takes “opinionated” to a different level. The project is very diverse as far the wide range of styles of music displayed. Nichols kicks the tape of on “Icy”, a hard hitting track that provides listeners an introduction to the artist. On “Don’t Call” we hear some pretty dope sampling of Ushers “U Don’t Have To Call” (a VA favorite due to the Neptunes production.) On “Price” we hear the artist become more sentimental as he speaks on losing a girl who he thought was down for him. It is also on this track that the artist scales back on the rapping and uses distorted vocals for a dreamy effect. The tape even has a twerk song (watch out J Roddy Rod) entitled “Used 2 It” in which he invites girls to “make it shake like you never did before”.

While all of the tracks on the tape have pretty notable features, it is what Nichols does on the final track of the tape, “Game”, that is probably the most attention grabbing stunt of the year. In this track Nichols goes into great detail of what he thinks of the music scene in Virginia. He even goes as far as to speak on Young Crazy and Young Money Yawn, who some would consider VA legends, and tells of his true feelings about them.

Is Czar Nicholas tripping or do you agree with his statements on the state of VA hip hop? Check out “He Got Game” here!


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