Hooks Ventura Kicks Off 2018 By Leading Fans “Through The Shadows”

The 757 has become known for a staple sound made popular by artists like Young Crazy, Breeze Barker, CEO Moc and Doe$ki. These talented trap artists have become trailblazers in their own right by giving the Virginia area anthems such as ‘Ima Dog”, “Get Dumb” and “YNS”. While these individuals have pretty much become household names in the 757, there is a new division of artists who are on the come up and are well on their way to exposing Virginia to a different side of the local music scene. With the release of his new project “Through The Shadows”, Hooks Ventura shows that he is one of these groundbreaking artists.

Since his release of “Lucky Number 7” in May, the Hampton based artist who has become known for his popular song “F*ck Around” had a very eventful summer. From performing at F*ck It Up Fridays (a series of shows hosted at Graffiti studios in Newport News) to dropping the “Full Throttle” music video to being a featured artist on VirginiaGotNows “eleVAte” tour, the artist has been anything but silent. On this project, the artist, who can be noted for his sinister, haunting aura, gives listeners a look into his dark world. The project also showcases the rappers versatility as an artist. While songs such as “On Go”,which can be compared to Playboy Cartis song “Magnolia”, gives more “turn up” vibes, “Walking Lick”, another track on the tape, provides a more eerie, sinister vibe. The tape is hosted by DJ Sweendawg, who is also leader of Dawgpound, the collective the emcee hails from along with fellow rappers such as Bitter$weet and  ajquestionmark. The tape also features work from multiple producers such as LORDFUBU, Black Mayo and Matt McGhee.

Check out “Through The Shadows” here!


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