Marv P Keeps It Authentic With “C.D.N.P.” Visual

It is very apparent that the society we live in has become a very shallow one. Even when it comes down to the music, there are very few artists left who speak on real topics in a way that isn’t washed up or outdated. Marv P is an artist who prides himself in possessing that capability and his new visual for the inspirational track “C.D.N.P” showcases just that.

Tossing all extra flamboyance and extravagance most hip hop videos of today call for, the simple, but far from basic, video features Marv at a venue simply rapping to and vibing with listeners while telling of how the generation we live in has a tendency to focus on and adore the wrong things. He speaks on females body image and self esteem issues, why he believes there are so many failed relationships for this generation as well as how a lot of things we chase after the most aren’t necessarily what is best in the long run. The video is shot and edited by @MarqCotton

Always bringing music based on quality, substance and a motivational message, Marv Ps “C.D.N.P” is sure to entertain and educate anyone who sees it. Check it out here!


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