Chrissy’s Picks of the Week 10/2 New Month, Who Dis?


Its officially October and I couldn’t be more excited for this Halloween season. Also, its Monday so you know what that means! I’m back to bring you some dope music and visuals that I’ve discovered over the past week so lets get into it!

Mack Derico – H.N.I.C.

Don’t ask me what that stands for because I don’t know. What I do know, however , is that rappers seem to love remixing Missy Elliot songs as of lately and the results have been pretty great thus far (Shout out to Ski Mask the Slump God). This week Mack Derico released his visual for H.N.I.C. The video was shot by TreP (who has been going crazy with the visuals lately) in a corner store in true 757 fashion. Check it out, yall.


Rari – Rari Effect (Butterfly Effect Freestyle)

If you haven’t heard of Rari, now would be a great time to get hip. He’s an artist from the DefCorp label who just might be the best lyricist in Virginia right now. The visual for his track Rari Effect (a cover of Travis Scotts Butterfly Effect) is directed by Tommy Trill, another DefCorp member and provides viewers with a simple visual with a trippy aesthetic. Rari goes crazy on this track and proves himself to be quite a lyricist and Im sure after seeing this video, you too will agree.


DJ Sweendawg – Pregame Sh*tmix

When it comes to music one thing I’m really big on is DJ mixes because thats how I find new music to review. The only thing about DJ mixes is that a lot of them are hit or miss but one DJ that always gets it right is DJ Sweendawg. Whenever he uploads a mix I know its going to be straight FIRE just like this new mix he recently uploaded. The mix includes some of my favorite local artists (Treez Lowkey) as well as some of my favorite mainstream artists (Lil Yachty). Its a pregame mix so its perfect to listen to before a night out or if you just want to get lit in the crib.



Thats all I have for yall for this week! Make sure you guys are checking out all the other content on the website as well as my new uploads on YouTube from this past week (I uploaded four videos this past week yall!)

Love yall!



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