Chrissys Picks Of The Week 9/25

Hey y’all!

If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel then you may know this already but this week I am introducing a new facet to my website called “Chrissys Pics of the Week”.  With these posts I will show you all my favorite new music, visuals and events that I find during the week and want to share with you all. I know I post about local artists a lot but these posts will feature some mainstream artists as well. Today’s article is the first installment of this series of posts so I hope you all enjoy!

Lil Aaron – Warped Tour

I came across this video on Twitter and instantly fell in love with it. You all know I have an infatuation with Vans so I was attracted to the fact that he incorporated Warped Tour into the video. Also, the track samples Paramores “Misery Business” (another one of my favorite songs). If your’e one of those people who need super deep lyrics to enjoy a song then you won’t like this track but I found the song pretty dope and extremely catchy.


Conscious Kane – Good Good

If you like lyrical rappers, Kane is someone you want to pay close attention to. Normally he’s spitting knowledge and serving severe lyricism on his tracks but on this track he keeps it pretty chill and just talks about having a shorty he can kick it with. The track also features Huey Supreme and Nicole Black.


Xxxtentacion – Look At Me

This video has sparked so much controversy in the last couple days but fore you say anything, just watch the video. The video was directed by X himself and has a pretty thought provoking message behind it.


Doe$ki – Love My Choppa

Doe$ki dropped a visual to his “Love My Choppa” freestyle which I found pretty interesting. With all the hair shaking, gun toting and jumping around that we love Doe$ki for, the visual presents a hood aesthetic that is quite satisfying.


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