New Release: R. Locko releases “Leftsiiide Lion EP” 

R Locko is a genre bending artist who is proving that this generation isn’t completely lost when it comes to knowing what real hip hop and lyricism is. The young emcee caused such a buzz with the release of his song “Game Over” earlier this week. Keeping that same energy flowing, he is now releasing his self titled EP, “Leftsiiide Lion”. 

The 8 track project is a defining piece of work for Locko and takes listeners into the mind of the young artist. The project features work by producers such as Lonnell Suave, Kreative Kid, Killer Bee, Ron Burgandy, Rallllzy, Labstrak and Bradley Rivas as well as features by artists RNGR, MILL$UPREME, AUD, KJTheGawd, Kris Stasse and Breezo. 

Check out R Locko “Leftsiiide Lion EP” here.


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