Listen: GFL Nero “Lame Chick”

With the sensationalism that saturates todays hip hop, there are few artists who really keep it real. GFL Nero just happens to be one of those select few. With his raw verses, unique flow and interesting subject matter GFL Nero is an artist who is staying true to hip hops unfiltered nature.

With his newest song “Lame Chick”, GFL Nero (@gflnero) along side featured rappers Floyd Mikeal (@floyd_mikeal) and GFL Duct (@ductgfl),  gives the listeners his criteria for a female that he just can’t be with. In this song we also hear of GFL Neros feelings toward a female who he feels he could have upgraded but she “let a lame hit” (womp womp). The song is produced by Awali and is a reminder to females everywhere to not be a “lame chick”.

Check out “Lame Chick” by GFL Nero here!



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