Listen: KKel x Chief Joku “Yikes”

Summer is here and with that being said, a lot of rejection and breakups will be taking place sooner rather than later. With the alleged “cuffing season” now officially ended, a lot of relationships will be abruptly coming to a close for many. Leave it to CKCS Sounds very own K Kel to provide the perfect song for breakups, keeping groupies out of your face, or just a song to play in honor of someone you really don’t like.

“Yikes” is probably one of the funniest yet most relate able tracks you’ve heard this summer. With the blunt delivery and pretty straightforward message, the song perfectly presents feelings that we have all had toward at least one person in our life. The song is produced by BRENTRAMBO (who is also responsible for the production of Lil Yachty’s “I Don’t Fuck With Niggas”) and features Chief Joku. Whether its an ex who did you dirty, a groupie that won’t leave you alone, a boss that gets under your skin or simply a hater who won’t keep your name out of their mouth, “Yikes” provides the perfect dismissal to anyone who you consider annoying.

Check out “Yikes!” here!



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