Exclusive Release: OMARTheGroove – “Deelishis”

Lets face it, summer 2017 is going to be full of booty…..lots and lots of it. From sundresses to shorts, ladies this summer are going to be sporting various ensembles that accentuate that beach body that they worked so very hard for. OMARTheGrooves new single “Deelishis” provides the perfect anthem for the ladies who are going to “free the cheeks” this summer.

The premise of the song is quite simple and is a situation we have all been in before, you see a girl with a great body walking down the street or in a party and you wanna talk to her. The lusty single provides a bouncy beat that is really hard not to dance to (twerk anthem alert!). With bars describing summer antics of partying, turning  up and glorifying girls with bodacious backsides, “Deelishis” is bound to be a part of your party playlist this summer.

Check out OMARTheGrooves Exclusive Release of “Deelishis” here!


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