Watch: Yuong Blizz – “Reefer Chiefer”

Bucksquad has been making quite a bit of noise lately. From Tay Guttas release of “Lord Can You Hear Me” to Mack Derico announcing the upcoming release of his new project “Hyperbolic Time Chamber 2: Super Saiyan God”, this rap collective is making their presence known in the 757 rap scene. Recently Yuong Blizz, another member of Bucksquad, keeps the momentum of the group going by releasing his new visual for “Reefer Chiefer”

The video is directed by the Filepe Brothers (who is also responsible for Bucky Malones “Mission”visual as well as Bobby Blazes “Stingy” visual) and features Yuong Blizz and fellow Bucksquad members Tay Gutta and Mack Derico as well as their manager Jay Melendez dancing around in a rather goofy manner as Yuong Blizz spits his bars. The quirky video also contains a lot of edits and distortion, making the video look like one big hazy hallucination.

Check out Yuong Blizz “Reefer Chiefer” video here!


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