Welcome To DEFCorp: Meet the VA Label that is Preparing to Take Over Summer 2017

Def Corp is a rising record label that is preparing to make a lot of noise this summer. The label is led by producer HighDefRazjah who is the mastermind behind Rae Sremmurds “Take It Or Leave It” and consists of artists K Sess, Miia Monet and Rari. Although not many are familiar with this label, it has become apparent that they have been indeed putting in work and just may be the most slept on collective of artists in the game right now.¬†Recently artist Miia Monet was seen in the studio with HighDefRazjah working on a collaboration with producer Lex Luger, Rari has recently released his newest single “Real Ones” (which is doing numbers on Soundcloud) and K Sess will be performing at “ART! ART! ART!” on June 10th, an art show and performance showcase hosted by HeyMissChrissy, Gnarly CJ and CKCSSpectrum. (to purchase tickets to this event, head on over to the “Upcoming Events” page for the ticket link) Check out the footage of Miia Monet and Rari’s single “Real Ones” here!





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