Listen: Tay Gutta of Bucksquad x “Lord Can You Hear Me”

It has been said that Tay Gutta is perhaps the most slept on member of the hip hop collective known as Bucksquad and by releasing his single “Lord Can You Hear Me” he awakens everyone who has been sleeping on him for so long. The song, which is a cover of Futures “Perkeys Calling”, gives listeners a back story on who exactly Tay Gutta is as well as gives insight on the struggles of everything the emcee has been thru. With this being the artists first solo track released, Tay Gutta, who is normally not one to be in the forefront, is certainly making a name for himself and shows that if there was ever a time to stop sleeping on his lyrical abilities, it is now.


Check out “Lord Can You Hear Me” here!


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