Across The Water: Hampton & Newport News Artists To Watch

We are only five months in to 2017 and in that short time, the 757 music scene has been making a lot of noise. Artists such as Doe$ki, Young Crazy, Beo Smook and Ceo Moc have been releasing hit after hit this year as well as great visuals to accompany them. Here are some artist from the Hampton and Newport News area of the 757 who are keeping that momentum going by releasing some noteworthy projects and visuals.

Harsh World

If you haven’t heard of this young emcee, now would be a pretty good time to become acquainted with his work. This Newport News native is definitely making a name for himself this year. His newest release “Support Your Local Trap” is an anthem for hustlers everywhere, paying homage to anyone with a go-getter mentality. Harsh is also responsible for songs “P$4” and “BING” produced by Lowkey. With a vibe all his own, Harsh is showing no signs of slowing down.


Mack Derico, Tay Gutta and Yuong Blizz are all members of Bucksquad, a hip hop collective based out of Hampton. If you’re familiar with Traptastic, a platform responsible for artists such as Young Crazy and Doe$ki, or been to any of their events, then you’ve probably heard Mack Derico’s “Back To The Trap” or seen the visual for the track which was released in Febuary of this year. Yuong Blizz has released a visual (directed by Filepe Brothers) for his track “Health Intro” which can be found on his Health EP, which was released earlier this year. Tay Gutta, who might be the most slept on out of the group, has scheduled projects to be released in 2017 as well.

Mack Derico x Back to The Trap

Yuong Blizz x Health Intro

Bobby Blaze

Hailing from Hampton, Virginia, Bobby Blaze is a unique artist who is slowly but surely on his way to dominating the Virginia music scene. On his project “The Life and Times of Bobby Blaze” he introduced his unique sound to listeners and Virginia quickly fell in love. Since then, he has released a visual for his song “Stingy” (feat. Bucky Malone) as well as a second project with Team Green entitled “Green Day”.


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